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The BT100W is a battery tool that gives users the efficiency of a plug-and-play tool and the robust data analysis of a high-tech digital tester. The BT100W brings versatility to every garage because it can function as a standalone battery tester and run a variety of tests. Users can tap into the device’s app for more advanced functions, enhanced data analysis, and view or save battery test reports in a separate folder. The versatility of the BT100W even extends into the number of languages the tool operates in. Users can select from eight languages to operate the BT100W device and nine languages from the BT100W app.


Testing via the Device’s Interface or the App

Step beyond what the traditional battery tester can do.
Pair with the BT100W’s app to perform system testing. Access the battery library through the app to always have the battery data you need to get the job done.

Battery Tests

Find and mitigate potential issues with battery tests. Operate on a variety of battery types and analyze the battery’s state of health, state of charge, and cold-cranking amps.


Cranking Tests

By monitoring the cranking time and cranking voltage, a cranking test helps to check the health and service life of a battery.
Note: The longer the cranking time, the lower the cranking voltage, and the shorter the service life is.

Charging Tests

Know with certainty whether the charging system is working properly and the car is ready for the road.


System Tests

Step into the BT100W app to run system tests. This battery tester supports a system test function, which enables technicians to perform a battery test, cranking test, and charging test, with only one click. The perfect tool for technicians seeking greater efficiency.

Battery Library

The BT100W’s battery library allows for easy access to key battery information such as battery standards, CCA, specifications and more.


Generates Test Reports

Create test reports to compile important battery status information in one spot. View data such as state of health, state of charge, internal resistance and more.

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