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1. Cloud-Based Programming.jpg


Supports advanced cloud-based programming tailored specifically for BENZ , BMW , and Audi vehicles. This feature allows technicians to update/replace software, reprogram new ECUs, backup/restore ECU data and repair ECU with data loss swiftly.


Compatible with CAN-FD and DoIP protocols allowing seamless communication with more modern vehicles such as 2020-GM and Chrysler models, and enabling faster and more efficient diagnosis with stable connection.

2. CAN-FD and DoIP Supported.jpg
3.8-System Simultaneous High-Speed Scanning.jpg

Topology Mapping with High-Speed Scanning

By leveraging the CAN Bus multi-thread protocol, it can scan up to 8 systems concurrently, significantly reducing diagnostic time and enhancing efficiency.
The intuitive topology mapping displays the structure and status of each system visually, facilitating quick identification and resolution of issues.

Secure Gateways

The ability to access the FCA gateway ensures that the Phoenix XLink can seamlessly integrate with newer vehicles, and allows quick and efficient diagnostic adjust for protected functions. VW SFD activation is also supported when you provide the activation code for unlock.

5. FCA Gateway Access.jpg
6. Bi-directional Control.gif

Bi-Directional Control

The function of active tests establishes communication and control between technicians and vehicles, by sending commands to specific components, the scanner will localize issues precisely for accurate repairs. The scanner's capabilities extend across a spectrum of vital systems, including engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, ESP, TPMS, immobilizer and more.

41 Service Functions & 168+ Brands

The 41 commonly used maintenance functions provide comprehensive services for vehicles, ensuring thorough maintenance and operational efficiency. Some of the functions include Oil Reset, SAS Reset, EBP Reset, BMS Reset, DPF, ABS Bleeding and more, across 168+ vehicle brands.

Note: Maintenance functions may vary by vehicle's brand/model/year.

8. Full-system Diagnostic for 160+ Vehicle Models.gif

Intelligent Diagnostics

AutoVIN technology automatically identifies the vehicle information, one-click updates allow the software can be upgraded with one click, V.A.G. guide function provides step-by-step instructions for optimized operations and simplifies the diagnostic process.
Moreover, the Phoenix XLink displays the live data in a graphical format for intuitive monitoring, and 4 data streams can be compared in a single interface to assess performance for repair work.

10. Heavy-Duty Model Expansion.jpg

HGV Compatibility 

Featuring a built-in VCI module with robust support for 36V, the Phoenix XLink can enhance its abilities by expanding with heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and larger equipment.

Note: The additional software and hardware components tailored need to be purchased separately.

Full OBD Functions

Allows comprehensive capabilities for the OBD system, technicians can read and clear DTCs, monitor real-time data and freeze frame data, test systems and components, and retrieve vehicle information. Moreover, the OBFCM function facilitates the uploading of fuel consumption data to local government data centers, ensuring compliance and contributing to environmental initiatives.

11. Full OBD functions.jpg
12. Data Report and Share.jpg

Print & Share

Automatically generates detailed diagnostic reports in XML, PDF, or CSV formats, which can be shared or printed directly via WiFi. Reports are customizable to meet specific demands and help technicians make well-informed decisions.

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