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JS3000 - Jump Surge 3000

JS3000 - Jump Surge 3000

Excluding VAT

The JumpSurge3000 is a jumpstarting tool and power bank designed for vehicles both on and off the road, boasting a peak amp of 3000. This device is compatible with vehicles equipped with 12V batteries and engines up to 9L for gas and 7L for diesel. With the ability to perform up to 45 jump starts on a single charge, the JumpSurge3000 is a robust and powerful tool that can revive a battery in a mere second. Its multiple protection systems and fast charging capability ensure that you are always prepared for any situation, regardless of your location or vehicle type.

Shipping of orders will be done via a next day tracked service to the shipping address provided by the buyer, Provided the product is in stock.

Tracking links will be provided to the email address given to us by the buyer.

In the unfortunate event of items not arriving or going missing whilst in possession of the courier, this often requires an investigation to take place by the courier used. TOPDON UK have no control over this and cannot provide a refund or replacement item until this investigation has been carried out. 

An option for insured delivery will be available on request, at an additional cost. This will be dealt with on a case-by-request basis only. 

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