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7KW 5m EV Charger PulseQ

7KW 5m EV Charger PulseQ

Excluding VAT

TOPDON’s PulseQ is the first of TOPDON’s EV charging stations. Offering versatility, adaptability, and
smart technology to users, the PulseQ makes EV charging widely accessible. The PulseQ is compatible
with most European AC electric vehicles because of the IEC62196-2 Type 2 , eliminating most brand
barriers to electric vehicle owners. The compact design and multiple mounting options save space in
garages, and can even be mounted outside to take up no interior space. The charging station’s
interface can be accessed and adjusted through an app to set charging sessions during off-hours and
to monitor the charging process.


Installation must be arranged by the customer with a qualified electrician. 

Out of Stock

Shipping of orders will be done via a next day tracked service to the shipping address provided by the buyer, Provided the product is in stock.

Tracking links will be provided to the email address given to us by the buyer.

In the unfortunate event of items not arriving or going missing whilst in possession of the courier, this often requires an investigation to take place by the courier used. TOPDON UK have no control over this and cannot provide a refund or replacement item until this investigation has been carried out. 

An option for insured delivery will be available on request, at an additional cost. This will be dealt with on a case-by-request basis only. 

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